Workshops and lectures that speak directly to your audience and offer a new paradigm of health and lifestyle.


Drawing listeners' attention to the impact of nutrition, lifestyle and emotional self management on physical and psychological health can

dramatically affect their performance at work, the quality of their relationships and community involvement, their sense of fulfilment and purpose in life.  

Catarina is a naturally born communicator! Being captivating and empathic she can easily transmit her knowledge. 

Listening to her on TV only demonstrates our public service’s commitment to her message of cultivating citizens’ self awareness.

With her scientific and empirical knowledge Catarina approaches themes that are of interest to everyone, in a language that is easy to understand. Her lectures are equipped with examples and hands-on experience that show everyone that change is beneficial and, above all, possible.


Catarina, thank you for driving knowledge forward! You're fantastic!!! I love hearing you speak!

Catarina Fenandes, Porto Moniz Portugal