Even as a certified nutritrionist, I was struggling with my diet and with other areas of my life. I was going through a very difficult time, and I chose to work with Catarina. She was amazing. I did need help with my diet, no doubt, but I also needed it in so many other areas. Catarina provided guidance and support in all aspects of my life. I was amazed with her knowledge and, more than anything, with how intuitive she was with my needs and guiding me accordingly. 

I recently reached out again for support in my coaching career. Again, excellent guidance for continued learning and growth as a coach. It is my mission to help people and she has provided excellent direction for me.  I can't thank her enough!

Jackie Justice, Indiana USA

Catarina is not only the most knowledgeable person in all matters of nutrition, emotional health and eating psychology, she is also an outstanding professional who knows how to show empathy, hard work and courage.

I have observed her growing over the years, in all this time she has shown the highest integrity and moral values. She is at all times extremely professional and takes at heart the wellbeing of everybody she comes into contact with, her clients, her peers, professionals and friends. I have a great admiration for Catarina.



Andrea Caprio, Lisbon Portugal

I've been following Catarina's work - reading her blog posts and articles - and she has insights I don't often see elsewhere in the health and wellness field.

I also had the opportunity to take part in the first run of her online "Nourish" program. Her gentle guidance helped me to really zero in on some of the last obstacles in my own healing journey.

Diane Letchworth, Arizona USA

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