What’s really up with food allergies?

There is a whole lot of confusion surrounding food allergies and sensitivities – notice the distinction.

Not to mention their connection to an extension of physical and psychological symptoms, and current health conditions.

So what exactly IS going on, which foods cause what, and how can you tell which ones are affecting you?

This is not a simple topic and it could easily take several hours, days even, to address.

But I have summarized the gist of what you need to know in the short video below – even when you think you don’t have a food allergy, or sensitivity.

As I mention in the video,

And this is usually the case with a food we are sensitive to. We normalize the headache, mild depression, the anxiety, joint pain, back ache, the occasional skin rash and sore throat. We judge them to be part of old age, or of our genetic legacy.

But what if these are only the symptoms of your body trying to fend off substances it doesn’t agree with?

Find out the why, what and how, below:

Here is where you can get the FREE little booklet I mention in the video.

Keep it handy!


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