Sandra Teles
Childrens' Educator

Before I came to see Catarina I was physically and emotionally sick. I felt depressed, anguished, and was in a lot of physical pain.
I started attending her Pilates classes and enrolled in her Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coaching. Under Catarina’s guidance I changed my eating habits.

The results were immediate, at all levels.

I regained my vitality and learned how to “defend” myself so I could keep my body from falling into postures or eating habits that were harming me. I felt so much better!

My organism was finally functioning and I had a deep sense of relief, freedom and happiness.

I always had infections in my throat, stomach and intestines but today, 6 months later, I rarely fall ill. With her availability, presence, understanding, attention, support, honesty and professionalism, Catarina has always been by my side guiding me.
Over 1 year of conventional medicine has done little to help me, and I want to share just how important your work has been to me. Thank you for everything!

Sara-Jayne Slack
Digital Consultant and Focus Mentor

Before my first session, I was a bit skeptical. I knew a lot of nutrition and exercise theory already, but the implementation of that knowledge was pretty non-existent. Catarina took the knowledge I had and not only added to it in an incredibly non-patronising way, but also helped me to understand a lot more about my relationship with food. The best thing for me, was that by the end of just one session, I came away with a real strategy for changing some of my eating habits, that didn’t involve avocado or purchasing really expensive whole foods. I started implementing straight away, and while my weight has remained the same (largely thanks to Christmas goodies!)

I already feel more confident around food, and able to make very specific choices, taking away much of the guilt and scarcity mindsets that I had before.

Skeptic to very, very grateful for Catarina’s insights and personable coaching!

Sandra Lin
Author and Speaker

Catarina is by far the most savvy nutrition coach that I have interviewed for my book

she links our eating habits to emotions in ways that I have never come across before.
She was very spot on with the issues that I was encountering and provided useful tools to combat the issue. I highly recommend people to consult with Catarina as the wealth of knowledge she possesses is incredible!”

Gracie Talbott
Independent advisor

Catarina is a five star coach. When I first came to see her my digestion was a mess and I was very much afraid of gaining weight.

I got a life transformation!

I did not know how coaching with her could go so deep. She is an extremely detailed observer and I have learned a lot about myself. My digestion has improved by 90% and, much to my surprise, my self esteem took a big turn and shifted in a really positive way.
I feel more complete and confident about who I am, and my place in life.
I so appreciate all that our sessions have given me!

Heather Bowen

I attended weekly Pilates classes with Catarina for over four years and she was by far the best Pilates teacher I have been taught by. Catarina takes a personal interest in all of her students and always has time to discuss individual needs and requirements. As well as her very clear and precise method of teaching the Pilates exercises, Catarina’s approach to teaching imparts her considerable knowledge and understanding of anatomy, movement and the body in general. Through Catarina’s attention to my particular issues, I have achieved a greatly increased awareness and understanding of my own body and posture –

an awareness that has benefited all aspects of my life and dramatically reduced the aches and pains I have tended to suffer

due to detrimental postural habits and long working hours. I highly recommend Catarina as an exceptional Pilates teacher.

Stella Capes

Easily one of the best Pilates teachers I’ve had-over 10 years of going to classes and with many different teachers. Catarina is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic about Pilates and this shines through her teaching of it. I’ve learned a great deal from her classes that I will definitely carry with me. She has left London and is already sorely missed!

Kieran Falconer

Joseph Pilates said that you are as young as your spine and before I did Pilates with Catarina you could have carbon-dated my back it felt so old. I had the pleasure of Catarina as my teacher for just four months. I was recommended Pilates by a hospital consultant and I was further recommended locally to try Catarina. For someone who was a complete beginner she made me feel comfortable and confident about what I was doing and in that state of feeling I progressed to doing movements and Pilates positions that increased my core stability.

The result, after a few months, was a lower back pain that virtually disappeared and I found a wider range of mobility.

Catarina is very hands on, very attentive – continuously asking questions of how you feel – and above all she doesn’t push you beyond your limits but does challenge you to achieve a greater flexibility. You leave her class feeling exhilarated with the kind of work-out endorphins it would take a great deal more stress in the gym to achieve. Her profound experience is a great loss to London’s Pilates community.

Pen Dalton

I had backaches and pains in my shoulders and arms for over 40 years

and have tried different therapies and remedies – pain killers, acupuncture, chiropractic and regular osteopathy. While these relieved symptoms, they always returned and I was back to the therapist again. Caterina’s version of pilates enabled me to learn the moves myself and

I am now pain free

– I would not have believed that such a gentle practice could make such a difference.

Cindy Evans

I can’t recommend Catarina’s teaching highly enough. She has a capacity to explain all the complex Pilates moves with clarity and simplicity. Her gentle and modest manner encourages you to keep going even when its really challenging. She is a very detailed observer and corrects the smallest mistake in posture which is so important and helpful for your greater understanding of the practice of Pilates. Since she left London we all miss her teaching terribly.

Ruth Calder Murphy

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Catarina’s sessions and will carry the benefit forward with me; I’ve learned so much and it’s impacting positively in lots of areas of my life. Having practiced yoga for two decades,

I thought I was already quite body-aware and that my posture was relatively good, but these classes have taken this to new levels,

making subtle changes that have really made a huge difference. I recommend Catarina’s classes wholeheartedly!

Kate Ahl

When I started Pilates with Catarina, I was suffering back and neck pain after a lifetime of poor posture. Over the next three years, Catarina taught me how to use my body in healthier ways, build core strength, recognize when I’ve fallen into bad habits, and correct them. I so enjoyed her classes, which were always challenging and varied, and she intuitively tailored her approach to each individual’s strength, flexibility and experience. I found her to be endlessly patient, deeply knowledgeable, and very approachable and welcoming. Plus I’m happy to report that I’m free of back and neck pain!

Monsterrat Roig

Combining rigor and sweetness when she teaches,

Catarina is an utter first class teacher from head to toe.