This is a powerful, unknown, metabolic booster

“Sandy” wanted for me to help her manage her eating “mess ups” (her words) that were getting increasingly out of control.

She also wanted to lose weight, but after the previous 5 diets she was rather tired of “can’t eat this”, “eat that”, “must fit the size of your fist”… you know the story.

And I understood her.

While there are clinical conditions that need a highly regimented plan, in most cases what really helps you, or anyone, stick to a diet on the long term rather then having to go through 5, or  even10 different diets, is not to obsess about “shoulds”, “shouldn’ts” and counting calories.

“Sandy, I have an idea that might help you, would you like to hear about it?”

Naturally, she would.

And it was this little piece of advice that made a U-turn on her “mess ups” and, surprise surprise, helped her lose weight.

It is true that the strategy decreased her levels of hunger, but there was also a metabolic component that revved up her metabolism, enabling her to lose weight faster, and more easily.

I share this key ingredient on the video below:

This piece of advice is only the tip of an iceberg that helps to determine your weight, health and relationship with food.

And if you’re ready to take it further, Spring is the perfect time of the year to clean up your diet and mindset, so you open the space for new, nourishing foods, a new set beliefs, habits, and strategies that are aligned with who you actually want to be.

Taking care of your eating should be an integral component of anyone’s self care, because your eating choices and your relationship with food are integral to your health, and

As the wise saying goes:

“A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sic person only one.”

I’m reopening my 4 week course NOURISH Online, where you can take the strategy above into a whole new level, and make actual change happen.

Check it out here, I’d love to have you onboard!



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