This is my most comprehensive package and one that really excites me.
Over the course of 90 days you will integrate Movement with Nutrition and create a new story around food and your body. One that is relaxed, pleasurable, sustainable – and dynamic. Meaning, it has the space and freedom to change and evolve.

You will develop a new relationship with food and your body – nutritionally, physically, and psychologically.
In addition, you’ll develop the attitude and strategies required for reaching you best health, body energy and vitality.

Feeling relaxed whenever you eat, move or look in the mirror is a birthright. In fact, I want you to enjoy it.


I’m here to help you transition away from a relationship with food and body where you feel anxious and confused, into an experience of health, vigor and freedom. In other words, dietary changes with a magnifying lens over the connection between your mind and your body.


My goal is to help you rebalance your posture and manage your body’s energy effectively.
Whether you haven’t exercised in a decade or you pay regular visits to the gym, I’m here to help you breathe and move in the way your body was designed to, and feel good inside the body you have.
As a Pilates, Tai chi & QiQong teacher, my work has a strong foundation in the principles behind both forms.

Please check NUTRITION and MOVEMENT, you’ll find all the details in there!


Unless you happen to be near the gorgeous Portuguese island of Madeira, we’ll meet via Skype for a 90 mins in-depth session. We’ll go through a comprehensive assessment of your physical & emotional health, diet & lifestyle, and all areas pertaining to what you’re coming to see me for.

Week 1:

  • in-depth 90 mins DEEP DIVE session where we examine your core challenges and goals.
  • 60 mins Movement. This is about connecting you with your body – no matter how fit you are.

Alternatively, you can transfer your 60 mins Movement over to week 2.

From week 2 we’ll meet once a week for a 1hr session for the following 11 weeks.

  • Each week we’ll alternate between Nutritional Coaching and Movement Coaching. During the first 15 mins of our time together we’ll catch up from the previous week’s action steps. This way you’ll stay on track with last week’s Movement session before jumping into Nutrition.

Click to see how a standard MOVE & NOURISH package may run, week by week.
Please remember, this is only an example, content may vary depending on what you need and desire.





MOVE & NOURISH – 90 days – 13 sessions

  • 1 – 90 mins in-depth Session including physical & emotional health, diet and lifestyle assessment
  • 5 –  1 hour Transformational Nutrition & Eating Psychology Sessions
  • 6 – 1 hour Movement sessions – A strong foundation in Pilates that will re-balance your posture, strengthen your core and help you develop body awareness, combined with the energetic principles behind Tai Chi & Qigong plus the flow and ease of a Dance form
  • 1 – 45 mins Wrap Up session – Celebrating your journey! You’ll leave with a new food and body story plus the tools and strategies that will help you stay on track.
  •  Nutritional guidance tailor made for your unique biology, nourishing mind, body and spirit
  • Dietary reeducation
  • Weekly, personalised homework
  • Weekly action plan sheet
  • Bi-weekly, personalised movement routine
  • Access to email during the course of our work together
  • ITN Community Cookbook with 45 healthy, quick and easy recipes your family will love, 3 of which provided by yours truly.
  • 1 session with Rosana Mortimer, Transformational & Relationship Coach