Can a nourishing diet be delicious? I say it Must.
Can it help you feel vibrant and at home in your skin? Absolutely.
Nourishing your body – AND – your taste buds, is a sure-fire way of reclaiming your health, vitality and weight – without bouncing back.
Our relationship with food and our bodies is intimate, emotional and unique.
But though we’re naturally wired to eat with pleasure and in tune with the rhythms of our body, food to us often means fear, anxiety and self judgment.

Here’s what I want you to hear:
Appetite is not the enemy.
Eating doesn’t have to be filled with stress, nor does looking at the mirror need to fill you with self judgement.

Because you’re so much more than what you eat, my job is to help you reclaim your health, vitality and self-worth – while empowering your relationship with food and your body.

This is not a quick fix nor a new fad diet, you’ll learn real life strategies, renew your beliefs and develop new habits.
You will be free of obsessing about food and having to go on another diet again.

When tweaked, a diet can be life changing.
Over time, what you eat can guide you to depression, or a life full of glow. Walk you to diabetes and fatigue, or give you a body that’s overflowing with health.

But food is only half of it, the other half sits in your biology and psychology.

Your relationship with food is intimate, personal, and emotional. Thoughts and feelings affect your health, immunity and weight.

A happy you creates a different metabolism and internal environment than a you that’s under stress. Being that physical, mental or emotional stress.

From having a poor diet to a challenging relationship, with self judging thoughts in between, these are all triggers the body interprets as being under attack. Which is another way of saying: constant Stress.
I wish I could tell you it’s all down to food tweaks, but it’s not.

Much like a complex, refined chemistry lab the body is sensitive to the chemistry of your emotions, and very much so.

Emotions will make you digest food differently, metabolize differently, burn calories differently and use energy differently. You’ll be more or less pone to falling ill, or to developing a health condition.

Sometimes a dietary change is all you need, often it isn’t.

mind-body nutrition helps you:

  • Be free from the dieting cycle – specially if you’ve been on several diets none of which has addressed your core issues or made real, lasting change
  • Learn to distinguish physical from emotional hunger
  • Identify the physical and emotional root cause of your emotional eating
  • Identify the root causes of your symptoms
  • Love your body, develop your confidence and self esteem
  • Learn tools for managing anxiety and stress
  • Feel at peace with your body
  • Feel relaxed and guilt free around food
  • Develop your body wisdom
  • Gain a new zest for life


  • Learn WHAT and HOW to eat in a way that supports your body and mind
  • Get nutritional strategies that nourish rather than punish
  • Boost your immunity
  • Find your body’s best weight
  • Boost your energy – and learn to manage it
  • Get clear, glowing skin
  • Improve your digestion, alleviating heartburn, bloating, gas and acid reflux
  • Improve your sleep
  • Rev up your metabolism
  • Boost your mental sharpness and clarity

and more!

Our work together

I see you as a person bigger than a body and whose story is as important as the symptom.

And while I’m all for getting you to where you want to go in the shortest amount of time, we’ll work on strategies that are sustainable and conducive to long term results.
I’m here for the long haul and transformation that’s lasting, if not permanent.

You truly are the expert on yourself and my job is to help you find the road to reclaiming your expertise.

Developing your body wisdom will give you an incredible degree of personal power, commitment, knowledge and actual change.


Unless you happen to be near the gorgeous Portuguese island of Madeira I’ll meet you via phone or Skype for a 90 mins in-depth session. We’ll go through a comprehensive assessment of your physical & emotional health, diet, lifestyle and all areas pertaining to what you’re coming to see me for.
We’ll carry on meeting once a week for an hour for the following 5 weeks.

Why work with me


  • Personalized, one on one guidance
  • Support that is delivered from a place of care, and real life experience
  • No ‘shoulding’, counting calories or cookie cutter diets. But an approach that will empower you to make choices
  • For your challenges to be addressed with soul and down to earth practicality
  • To be seen, heard and understood

Do you resonate?

Then pull yourself a chair, and let’s talk.


Ready to start?