Re-balance your posture and learn to manage your body’s energy effectively.

Whether you haven’t exercised in a decade or are a regular at the gym, learn to breathe and move the way your body was designed to, so that you can feel good inside the body you have.

As a Pilates, Tai chi & QiQong teacher, my work is mainly Pilates based with a strong foundation in the principles behind both forms.

Our posture reveals a lifetime of habits. So does the way we stand, walk, sit, move and even lie down.
We stop noticing habits because that’s habits’ nature, to become habitual
Overtime, what was only a slight tension builds into a chronically tight muscle that pulls posture out of balance.

Because we’re out of our natural alignment, breathing poorly and compressing our organs, eventually we develop a chronic headache, a painful digestion, poor circulation, back pain and a slipped disk. To name a few.

Our Pilates Sessions will help you retrain your movement and develop an adequate posture so that you move in a way that’s safe, balanced and energizing.

You’ll work on conditioning your entire body and developing your muscles evenly. Many of the conventional workouts overload certain groups of muscles. This causes a lopsided posture, rigidity, injury and chronic back pain.
Our sessions will help you move in a way that’s functional, organic, and respectful of your body’s anatomy.

Pilates can be done by virtually everyone. A safe technique, it’s gentle, yet challenging. Each exercise is adaptable to your level and ability.

I have taught athletes, professional dancers, pregnant women, and clients recovering from injury and surgery. So far, my youngest client was 14 and the oldest 89.

Pilates can help you:

  • Restore your posture – prevent physical pain and injury
  • Manage your energy – gaining rather than draining
  • Improve your mental focus and clarity
  • Develop body awareness – know how to correct your posture in daily life
  • Develop your internal energy
  • Condition your body evenly and with balance
  • Detect and prevent sources of tension and pain in your body
  • Develop inner and outer strength
  • Discover movement that is enjoyable and natural to you
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Develop long, lean muscles
  • Embody: feel present, energized and confident in your skin
  • Improve your health
  • Boost your confidence
  • Gain trust in your body
  • Breathe better
  • and more…

Your posture affects the way you think and feel. You’ll learn to move and breathe in a way that supports mental sharpness and a healthy mood, reducing anxiety and depression.

Can you practice Pilates via Skype?

Absolutely. You’ll be surprised on how effective the techniques I’ll teach you via the screen can be. The movements will always reach deep.

For in person sessions, check out my Retreats. Of course I’m biased, but I think they’re fabulous.

Why work with me?

As a former professional dancer I’ve been doing Pilates for almost 2 decades. For the last 10 years, as a teacher I have worked with with a wide range of people from different age groups, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including athletes and professional dancers, over 60s, recovering from injuries, in post surgery and with various health symptoms.
And – I had a lot of fun working with pregnant women and new mamas.

I studied several mind-body techniques including Yoga, Fekldenkrais, body-mind centering and Bartenieff.
My Pilates teacher training lasted for 2 years – not a weekend – and, quite frankly, it was awesome.

But mostly, as with everything you’ll get from me, more then a textbook, you’ll get plenty of real, hands on experience.

What can you expect?

Personalized guidance in 60 mins sessions every week, or every 2 weeks.
After every session you will get an outline of the week’s topics and movements.

“I attended weekly pilates classes with Catarina for over four years and she was by far the best pilates teacher I have been taught by. Catarina takes a personal interest in all of her students and always has time to discuss individual needs and requirements. As well as her very clear and precise method of teaching the pilates exercises, Catarina’s approach to teaching imparts her considerable knowledge and understanding of anatomy, movement and the body in general. Through Catarina’s attention to my particular issues, I have achieved a greatly increased awareness and understanding of my own body and posture – an awareness that has benefitted all aspects of my life and dramatically reduced the aches and pains I have tended to suffer due to detrimental postural habits and long working hours. I highly recommend Catarina as an exceptional pilates teacher.”

─ Heather Bowen

“I have always greatly enjoyed pilates classes with Catarina, so much so I wouldn’t even consider looking for another class after over 3 years with Catarina.
She is very good at assessing her students’ physical ability & can cater to different requirements in the same class, taking into consideration everyone’s personal circumstances. Her eye for detail is exceptional & she will always find ways of improving your performance, no matter how advanced your are. She is great at explaining complicated movements in easy-to-understand terms. Catarina also is extremely good at demonstrating new exercises & showing the differences between correct & incorrect ways of exercising & how to carry the benefits into every-day life.
In short, I miss her classes!”

─ Stephanie T.


Unless you happen to be near the gorgeous Portuguese island of Madeira, we’ll meet via Skype for a 90 mins in-depth session. We’ll go through a comprehensive assessment of your health, posture and lifestyle and all areas pertaining to what you’re coming to see me for.
We’ll carry on meeting once a week for 60 mins for the following 5 weeks.

Is this you?

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MOVEMENT – Package of 6 sessions

  • 1 – 90 mins in-depth Session including health, posture and lifestyle assessment
  • 5 – 60 mins Movement sessions – A strong foundation in Pilates that will re-balance your posture, strengthen your core and help you develop body awareness, combined with the energetic principles behind Tai Chi & Qigong plus the flow and ease of a Dance form
  • Weekly, personalised action plan & movement routine
  • Access to email during the course of our work together

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