Meet Me


Hi, I’m Catarina, a Portuguese lady living on an island who helps people transform their relationship with food and their bodies.

I’m a Pilates, Qigong and Tai Chi teacher, Transformational Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach.
My work is integrative. I use natural methods that help awaken your body’s own healing mechanism.

But most of all, I can help you get to a happy place with food and your body – your best means for reclaiming your health, vitality and self worth.

I work for a transformation that’s doable and long lasting – if not permanent.
That said, I help you Eat and Move in way that respects your biology and your intimate relationship with food and your body.
Thoughts and feelings matter.

I’m a curious lady which is why I draw from different resources, this way we can check all corners and go deeper when deeper is called for.
Besides, band-aiding a symptom will backfire.

My approach is unconventional. I have my share of training and over 16 years in the wellness industry, but my most treasured skill is my own experience.

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The Story

I grew up not liking to be in my body. I had stomach pain after each meal, constipation, chronic back pain and a face covered in acne.

Over time, I developed a disordered relationship with food and alcohol. It was messy.

But my symptoms had messages like symptoms always do: a) a poor diet; b) food allergies; c) what my body and psyche held from trauma.
They were symptoms of deeper problems.

Of course I didn’t learn that until after bumping my head trying to “fix” what I didn’t understand.
Turns out it doesn’t work that way. What you resist, persists.

What I did

I rolled up my sleeves and studied dance, Pilates, Tai Chi, exercise, nutrition and eating psychology.
I learned of the connection between emotions, physical ailments, posture, body image and eating behaviours.
I learned of emotional eating, overeating, binge eating, no eating and food disorders.

My experience taught me about healing, relapsing, and the power of getting through.

And I tried my share of quick fixes. I learned about chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the pitfalls of the trade. We want results for yesterday and a cookie cutter set of rules.
Sometimes we get results. A month goes by before we revert to square one believing it’s all down to lack of willpower.

Only it’s not. Instead, the strategy we used has simply reached its expiration date or was faulty from the start.

Training & Experience

I became a Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation teacher, and a professional Dancer.
I researched conventional Nutrition, became a holistic Transformational Nutrition Coach and specialized in Eating Psychology.

I taught in some of London’s (UK) top gyms before settling at the Healthworks Complementary Health Centre. Besides working with private clients I held classes of 4 people each. Getting to know each client made my work that much more specific, meaningful and fulfilling.

I worked with with a wide range of people from different age groups, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including athletes and professional dancers, over 60s, recovering from injuries, in post surgery and with various health symptoms.
And I had a lot of fun working with pregnant women and new mamas.


Present Me

I moved back to Portugal and decided to live on a warm, sunny island, with frequent travels to the UK.

I coach in person and via Skype, helping people get to a happy place with food and their bodies.
I integrate nutrition, movement and eating psychology. I know from experience that much as we count numbers, nutrients, calories and workout reps, we’ll get little to no change until the driving force behind the symptom is seen, talked to, validated, and addressed.

It’s a fabulous process and I grow more fascinated with each person I meet.